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Coaching & Mentoring With Fiona

Fiona has a rare ability to bring dynamism and sensitivity to her public talks, that enable individuals, communities and business organisations to generate ideas and innovate amongst themselves.

She recognises the strengths and vulnerabilities of every person she comes into contact with, and offers them a personalised and tailor-made view on how they can overcome the obstacles they face.

Fiona’s experience has taught her that the only barrier you often face is yourself.

She is passionate about facilitating change and enhancing co-operation through solid communication. Make that change possible!

Fiona states: “Speaking in public can be a challenge, especially for professional self -starters. Where exactly do you start?

The success and rapid growth of YMSN into a national organisation with a much sought after media platform, has now given me the opportunity to guide other young women who are hoping to achieve success with their own businesses.

We offer comprehensive programmes which include areas such as

  • setting up a listed company
  • proposal writing
  • accessing funding
  • international opportunities
  • corporate partners
  • away days
  • relationship management and PR exposure.

If you are in any doubt, just read my endorsements!”

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