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Welcome to Fiona Small Consulting!

Welcome to my coaching and mentoring consulting business. If you are reading this you will have navigated your way through my new website. The fact that you have reached my blog, means you’ve stayed on my site long enough to want further news and information. Rest assured that I will endeavour to do this!

Why Launch Fiona Small Consulting?

Launching Fiona Small Consulting was a response to so many people asking for my assistance.  Given my experience, why wasn’t  I coaching and mentoring similarly minded women who wanted to launch a business?  I asked myself the same question. The answer became obvious. I  made a decision to take that leap of faith.

It’s a Leap of informed Faith!

However, it wasn’t blind faith. Due to my directorship of the Young Mums Support Network,  I  had the ultimate springboard.  My mission is to assist young women to develop a broad range of skills that should enable them to succeed in business. I take a holistic approach to the work I do; from one-to-one personalised sessions to group empowerment seminars and bespoke tailor-made packages.  The aim is to provide economically priced packages and therefore, something for everyone.

My Problem-Solving Goals

The intention of my blog is to post and share all the highs of my clients’ journeys in the form of case studies. But the highs wouldn’t be achievable without noting the lows. This blog wouldn’t be a realistic projection of coaching and mentoring, without comprehending negative emotions. The real challenge for me is to get my clients to acknowledge this and think creatively on how they can meet the demands of their future goals. Problem-solving in pressured situations is a prerequisite for my directing the Young Mums Support Network. I’ll be teaching all my clients key skills to overcome these hurdles.

The Global Stage

Additionally, I’ll be posting about my mentoring and coaching experiences on the global stage.  My calendar of events takes me to many different countries. I’ll be giving keynote speeches on how to take those initial steps that lead to significant change. My first appearance will be at the Atlanta conference for the  Guide my Heart Organisation. Watch this space to discover how the event goes.

Stay tuned!

For all of you who read my posts, I hope you will leave comments and be a part of my business journey. I know I will enjoy reading all your advice, tips and tricks. Part of being a business coach is to listen, learn and motivate. Let’s do this together!