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Four ways women entrepreneurs are tapping into their inner power to lead with resilience

By: Kelliann McDonald, Personal Growth Consultant, Author and Founder of the Empowered Mindset Academy

Navigating the unknown is one of the most challenging, yet least discussed experiences of a female founder. For anyone embarking out as an entrepreneur, courage, resilience, and a willingness to navigate uncharted territories is a must, but for women in positions of leadership, the journey can be particularly daunting.

The journey begins with a clear vision and plan to create something with the potential to leave a lasting legacy.

However, along the unfolding, the inevitable pivot to respond to the needs of the business and market demand will occur. It is in these moments that female founders are required to dig deep within and tap into a source of confidence, authority, clarity and intuition that may have otherwise been left dormant.

Kelliann McDonald
Own your power

Let’s be clear— this inner source of power is in every one of us.

But in the systems of the old where women primarily occupy managerial and support roles, this inner source of power can be atrophied. As a female founder who is the chief visionary and main source of the way-forward for an organization, this power skillset must be unlocked, revived, and nurtured.

It can be observed that when a masculine leader owns his power, it is often revered. However, when a feminine leader does the same, it is often misunderstood and distrusted, leaving her isolated and without the support needed to successfully navigate the business frontier.

How might a female founder effectively tap into her inner source of power and vision essential for leadership, while preserving the necessary support?

Let’s explore the following themes to uncover potential solutions.

Embrace Courageous Leadership:

Recognize and acknowledge the mindset shift it takes to navigate the unknowns of entrepreneurship as a female founder. This means confidently moving from being governed to holding a position of governance.

Embrace the position of authority and be prepared to nurture the skillset over time. It’s a journey of consistently finding a way to own your power. Give yourself grace to understand that these skills are not inherent, but rather developed through experience and dedication to the role.


Foster Supportive Communities:

Actively seek out and nurture support networks to counteract the isolating nature of entrepreneurship. Finding camaraderie and support networks becomes essential to navigating the challenges and triumphs of the business journey. With that said, you might also consider isolation the cocoon for metamorphosis, transforming you into the leader you’re meant to be.

During periods of isolation, tune into your inner guidance, the divine spark guiding your leadership journey. As you tune out distractions and heed the wisdom of your intuition, your confidence in your inner guidance will grow.


Drive Innovation and Adaptation:

Recognize that female founders bring a unique perspective and way of operating to the table. Get comfortable challenging existing systems while creating new pathways for success through your keen sense of intuition, vision and direction. Business has historically been conducted in a hyper masculine way. In the pursuit of success, female founders must forge new paths and challenge this established norm. It requires a delicate balance between utilizing existing structures and daring to create new ones that better align with innate feminine talents, gifts and abilities.

Know when to rely on traditional systems and when to make room for a new way. This is an essential female founder skillset that places you at the center of progress with a compelling vision that inspires others.


Prioritize Self-Care and Resilience:

Make self-care a priority by acknowledging personal needs and reaffirming your “why” and sources of inspiration. Amidst the hustle and bustle of conducting business and the pressures of daily life, it’s easy to neglect well-being. Yet to lead with resilience, female founders must be fiercely committed to their self-care routines. Without a foundation of well-being, the capacity to nurture and scale a business is limited.

Reconnect with your “why” and reflect on the practices that enable you to reinstall and clarify your vision, mission, and greater calling. These practices may involve periods of deep rest and meditation, disconnecting from technology, and immersing in nature to reignite inspiration. Additionally, consider reducing caffeine intake, journaling, and allowing yourself that vacation you have been putting off. Rest is a revolutionary act.


Stepping out into the unknown as a female founder is a journey fraught with challenges and opportunities.

It’s a path that demands courage, resilience, and a steadfast commitment to one’s vision. As you navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship, remember the importance of leading courageously, fostering community, driving innovation, and prioritizing self-care. By embracing these themes, women are empowered to pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable future of entrepreneurship.