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This Is A Big Year For Me

Especially as I will be turning Forty next month and I am feeling super excited. It feels like I am about to enter a new chapter in my life filled with excitement, joy and adventure.

People often say to me “you don’t look 39” or when I say I have a fourteen year old they respond with “so how old are you?” lol I reply with “if you think I look good then you should see my mother who is 62 looking like she’s 32” (don’t tell her I said that ).

I discovered my Gifts, Skills and Talents later on in life as a result of not knowing they were there but mainly because of self doubt. Recently I decided to revisit one of my hidden talents and started Presenting and Hosting again. My personality is very sociable, warm and friendly. I enjoy being on stage in front of the camera and making people laugh, so when the opportunity arose for me to host monthly network events with Networth and Vibe I jumped at it.

Yesterday I had the absolute privilege of filming with Cllr. Steffi Sutters- the Council’s environment spokesperson.

This is where it gets interesting…

We we’re talking about smart bins…
Yes, you read it correctly smart bin technology to help keep the borough’s streets clean, something that residents have told the council is really important to them.
Smart bin technology has been fitted to 11 bins across the borough, consisting of a sensor that alerts the council’s waste team when the bins are full. This means collection teams can focus on bins that need emptying. They are going to run it for 12-months.
It’s a great way to make use of technology and provide residents with a better service, reduce litter and help create an environment where residents are proud to live. They are also be running another trial later on this year, with special bins that recycle chewing gum! These are just two of the ways that Wandsworth council are innovating to help keep our streets the cleanest in London.
Did you know that the council spend around £4m a year on cleaning Wandsworth’s streets – all streets are swept at least once a week and busier streets are swept up to five times a day.  There is also a rapid response team dealing with issues such as flytips, dead animals and broken glass.
Alongside this, the Council has a hugely dedicated team of enforcement officer who will continue to fine litterbugs, and prosecute the most serious flytippers. Since March 2017 have handed out more than 11,000 fines for littering and flytipping offences.
MyWandsworth Campaign?
Yes, we’re encouraging residents to take pride in their local area by getting involved in the My Wandsworth campaign.
So for me it was a great experience discovering where the world of technology is going whilst using my presenter skills. Checkout the shots of the day footage will be available soon!
Try to discover your skills the ones that you might not know are there ask a friend or a stranger “what do you think i’m good at” make sure it’s a positive friend who is encouraging and see what they say. We were all born with abilities use what you have to develop, grow and progress.
Fiona, Forty is Pending!