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Fiona is a speaker who relays with passion and authenticity on matters relating to empowering and enabling the young mums that she has worked so hard to support. Our event that Fiona most recently spoke at was aimed at highlighting inspiring role models that are relatable to many of the business owners that are currently working through challenges and growing pains in their businesses and Fiona was an excellent speaker, fitting this remit wonderfully.

Nick HoweEnterprise Manager, London & South East NatWest Business Banking

Fiona Small has been an exceptional mentor and coach, providing advice on social enterprise funding options, business development and event/workshop ideas. Her genuine compassion and care for women empowerment is evident through her one-to-one interaction with myself and other mothers in The Motherhood Group. Fiona utilises her experience and skills to build-up those who she not only mentors, but also those who she engages with on a day to day basis. I would recommend her services to anyone that would like to improve on their current business plans and personal development.

Sandra IgweThe Motherhood Group

Hey Fiona, Girly time launch was a great experience for me, I really enjoyed the realness of the panel, them sharing there stories allows us the audience to hear that even though they have public careers they have faced challenges & some still face challenges, this enables us to know we're not on our own as sometimes we don't feel we can talk to anybody about what we're going through. The treatments offered were a very lovely touch. Well done to Fiona Small & team, you are truly giving back to the community.

Tracie Rowe

On the 11th of March I had the pleasure of sharing my story alongside three powerful inspiring women at the launch of Fiona smalls "Girly time" event. As well as talks from key speakers, the event including various treatments including facials, pedicures and manicures which I took full advantage of. We were also spoilt for choice with a range of tasty Caribbean themed canapés. The atmosphere and environment was inviting and friendly which allowed me to feel comfortable when sharing my story. As women on a mission we all as a collective had an inspiring story to tell with important messages we felt compelled to share with the guests, which I'm sure they received very well as questions were asked and answers given to their satisfaction when the floor was opened up for discussion. Each speaker and guest was given goodies bags and some yummy cake as we celebrated 5 years of Fiona's "young mums support network CIC" looking forward to next month already!


Having Fiona Small as a featured speaker at our Guide My HEART kick off “Ladies in R.E.D.” luncheon was inspiring and coupled with her charming humility, a breath of British fresh air.

In conversational style, Fiona shared with us how she has been able to accomplish so much with her Young Mums Support group in a short timeline, the importance of working together as women and how we have to make each connection count. The audience was truly impacted and Ready to Empower and Dominate after hearing her personal testimony.

And while the ladies who attended were able to enjoy her message, I was privy to also experience Fiona behind the scenes and how focused she is to complete a mission.

Although she was the guest speaker, she was very hospitable and warm as she entertained and greeted each guest upon arriving. Even in her newly purchased heels, Fiona helped me load and unload for setup. And just was a great asset to the event.

On behalf of Guide My H.E.A.R.T. I am so grateful she was a part of this kickoff and we are even more excited to have Fiona as our new International Advisory Board Member!
Fiona, thank you for showing us that “Small”
connections can lead to big returns!

Syreeta S. ZieglerFounder and CEO Guide My Heart

I met Fiona Small at the Ladies In R.E.D. (Ready to Empower & Dominate) launch of Guide My H.E.A.R.T. Through her presentation, I felt the passion and the love she has for young moms and women. Her experience has allowed her to mentor and empower women to continue on this journey called life and to never give up. She continued to reference the fact that women should grow together and make a change in this world. Her words are wise, true, and inspirational. I encourage everyone to hear her speak. Continue to walk in your purpose and God will bless everything you touch!

Dr Stephanie RicksFounder and Director The Ricks Shaw Promise

Fiona is a passionate speaker about women's empowerment and bringing women together to connect and collaborate. She is a delightful speaker and I enjoyed her presentation."

Lori A. MannsQuality Media Consultants

Thank you SO much for your fantastic Ebook! Your top 5 tips/suggestions are clear, succinct, relevant and so simple to implement! I like them all and they all resonate with me in regards to my start-up wellbeing business. I'm learning every day and enjoying the journey and this Ebook helps to remind me of what I can do, continue to do and enhance my business at this time with Covid-19 and beyond.

Lorna Archer MGHTHolistic Wellbeing Therapist , Wellbeing Well YOU